We are long time supporters of Skateistan’s work helping at-risk children worldwide. We have through our collaborations with Skateistan been able to donate a total of over $40,000 to their incredible work. Skateistan provides skateboarding and educational programs for children in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa with over 2,000 active students.

By purchasing any of these products, you support Skateistan.

On Friday the 13th we launched our very first board! And we did it with our all time favourite board brand Lovenskate and the Swedish super duper illustrator Mander. Friends and family gathered at Jim’s Café in east London for a night of celebration, boards and beers. We sure enjoyed it and we are sure everyone else did as well! The board is now available in some of the best skate shops in the world!

A biblical collaboration with UK based skate brand Lovenskate and Swedish illustrator Mander. Together we have produced a limited run of 100 boards, with a 7 colour screen print on Green, Orange, Yellow, Red, Blue and Magenta, each board comes with a set of Stockholm Skate Nation bearings and a beanie. 5 EUR from every purchase will be donated to Stockholm Skate Nation and their work to welcome and integrate new Swedes through skateboarding.

We’re hyped to present our new collab launch and event with two of our favourites, Lovenskate and Mander. The new ‘TEA TIME’ collab will be launching Friday 13th December in London 6.30pm in the back room of Jim’s Cafe. There will be a heavy curb session, free beer, free teas, prizes, sound as fuck people and a chance to win the collab beanie, board and sunglasses! Read some words below from Lovenskate’s Stu Smith regarding the collab and event. See you there!

Words: Stu Smith from Lovenskate

“On the night, we will have 2 of these boards to give away as prizes. (all being well, we’ll have a curb to skate too) Lovenskate and CHPO have produced a ‘TEA TIME’ board with artwork by Martin ‘MANDER’ AnderLovenskate and CHPO have been working together for a few years, directly linked by pro rider Lucy Adams who is an ambassador for CHPO. Together we have produced a watch for Lucy – see it HERE and earlier this year Lovenskate had the honour of ‘going pro’ for CHPO with a line of sunglasses and mugs. This latest project is a limited run of 100 boards, a 7 colour screen print on Green, Orange, Yellow, Red Blue and Magenta, each comes with a free Beanie with each board. CHPO are amazing, heading environmental, social, and educational projects around the world, setting the bar way high for any company these days! (For the record, over 50 cups of tea were drunk in the making of these boards).”

Located @ Jims Cafe, 59 Chatsworth Rd, Lower Clapton, London E5 0LH, United Kingdom.

IKEA, Mercedes-Benz, H&M and BMW. The list of well-know brands from Sweden and Germany goes on and on. How can one top this? Well, this could probably be it. When Germany’s and Sweden’s without a single doubt greatest brands join forces the result is spectacular. This will be known as the greatest collaboration of all time. A CHPO watch and a Wemoto longsleeve that will knock your socks off. Great looks from wrist and up. You’re welcome world!

We are proud to say that we’ve now replaced all real leather in our collection with PETA-Approved vegan leather. We started using vegan leather in our production many years ago for the Khorshid and the Rawiya watches. For all of our “leather look” watch straps, we now use PU. The PU we use is a coated fabric that is treated to look like leather.

PS. We still have some watches with real leather in stock, please contact our customer service when ordering to make sure you get the watch you want!

Inspired by our Scandinavian design roots the Khorshid has a sleek profile with a minimalist feel. The clean face and discreet vegan leather strap adds to the contemporary look. Available in two sizes, 32 and 40 mm.

Khorshid was a girl who worked for Skateistan and was tragically killed in a suicide bomb attack. The Khorshid watches are a tribute to her and everyone working at Skateistan.