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Cheapo X Loud Headphones

September 27, 2016

Loud Headphones was formed by a group of veteran travellers. More specically, professional skateboarders, photographers, and videographers who spend the majority of their careers away from home on the road in dirty vans, motels, and thousands of long plane rides sitting next to the crying babies of the world. They understand the importance of loud and comfy headphones and earbuds when you need it the most.

Loud support the cochlear implant foundation Let Them Hear, bene ting the deaf and hearing impaired, specically those lacking adequate access to funding and healthcare resources, and so do we. Together we have designed a watch and a pair of earbuds. The hands of the watch are purple, the color of royalty, just like the band-aid used after the surgeries. The earbuds are made in Los Angeles by our team riders old skateboard decks. All pro ts will be donated to the Let Them Hear foundation.

For more info on cochlear implants and Let Them Hear foundation visit or

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