CHPO Recipes: Meringue with a twist

Meringue with a twist
Nocciola créme, raspberry coulis och hazelnuts

Ingredients 6 servings

6 teaspoons hazelnut cream
6 egg whites
200 ml icing sugar
1 tablespoon vinegar
1 ⅓ cup raspberries
200 g shelled hazelnuts
12 thin oat biscuits
Vanilla powder

Beat the egg whites until foamy. Keep stirring when adding the icing sugar and the vinegar. Put the raspberries in a small pan together with some vanilla powder and bring to boil. Crush the hazelnuts using a pestle and mortar or give them a quick blitz in a food processor. Put a teaspoon of hazelnut cream in the middle of a plate. Place one of the oat biscuits on the hazelnut cream and pipe a layer of meringue on top. Burn carefully with a blowtorch. Add another oat biscuit and do the same procedure with the meringue one more time. Drizzle the raspberry coulis on top and sprinkle the plate with hazelnut crunch and crushed meringue.

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