Good People

This is a diverse group good people with different talents, interests and style. Together as well as a part they personify what we are. Know them, and you will know us.


Jesper Lind
Capital skater and looker

Vladik Good People

Vladik Scholz
World citizen and skateboarder

Vanessa GOod People

Vanessa Torres
Cali local


Sarah Meurle
Greatness on a skateboard

Nando Bramsmark

Fernando Bramsmark
Malmø and skateboard trooper


Christine Hargin
The best freeride skier in the world and all other worlds we don’t know of yet

Carro good people

Caroline Degardh
Professional snowboarder and wolf runner


Zebbe Landmark
Heartful dancer and professional snowboarder

Jocke Olsson Good people1

Jocke Olsson
Biker and viral phenomenon


Per Vestman
Barbarossa, pirate and bike designer

Mindful artist, actress and biker

Anna Lewenhaupt
Mindful artist, actress and biker

Finess Good People

Music genius


The Burglars
The punk in rock

Lucy Adams Good people

Lucy Adams
Pommy and skater

Skater good people

Mitchel Linger
Skating Dutchman

Ali Boulala w. Ali watch

Ali Boulala
Living legend

dominik_wagner good people

Dominik Wagner
Der Snowboarder aus Österieich


Simon Sandström
Bowl master and proper dude