20/1: Donald Trump is sworn in as 45th president of the United States.

21/1: The Womens March took place in 200 places all over the world with over 5 million participants.

24/1: New record at the Oscars when six black actors were nominated.

25/1: Russia’s parliament voted to decriminalize domestic violence against family members.

26/1: The petition for a law on sexual consent reaches 30 000 signatures.

27/1: Trump introduces a “muslim ban”.

27/1: Socialstyrelsen (The National Board of Health and Welfare in Sweden) removes “transsexualiy” from the list of psychiatric conditions.

Nothing just happens. It’s us, the people, who influence the future. If we want an equal society free from discrimination, it is time to speak up, change, make a difference. Today, in cooperation with Make Equal, we therefore release the Make Equal Watch, a watch that reminds us all that every hour, every minute and every second counts. Buy the watch as a reminder, while supporting Make Equal’s solution oriented work towards equality. Want more ideas on how you can contribute to an equal society?

It is #TimeToMakeEqual #MadeForEverywhere

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