For Skateistan, 2018 ended in the most awesome way possible, as their ‘Skateboarding is for Everybody’ campaign smashed its target and raised an incredible $215,000! This was the most successful fundraising campaign in Skateistan’s history and we are proud to say that we donated $10,000 to it.

We have through our collaborations with Skateistan been able to donate a total of over $40,000 to their incredible work helping at-risk children worldwide. Skateistan provides skateboarding and educational programs for children in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa with over 2,000 active students, 50% of which are girls. Skateistan’s programs, which center around skateboarding, education and community engagement, are available free of charge to children aged 5-17 from all economic, ethnic and religious backgrounds, specifically focusing on girls, children living with disabilities and low-income youth.

Frozen wastelands, cottages, deep green forests, rocky islands, reindeer herders and Viking lore – Sweden has all that plus impeccable style!

We asked skater Fernando Bramsmark, snowboarders Zebbe Landmark and Caroline Degardh and chef Emma Kolback to share their favorite places in our sausage shaped country.

CHPO Brand Guide to Sweden by Zebbe Landmark, Caroline Degardh, Emma Kolback and Fernando Bramsmark.





We are stoked to have the Swedish stallion back in the Method crew filming for their 3rd full feature movie. This time round Zebbe steps it up a notch with a huge selection of urban spots being hit every which way possible. Get the Zebbe vibes and sit back and watch him shred!

Malmö’s population come from around 170 countries and speak about 150 different languages. This diversity is one of the city’s key assets and creates the basis for a rich cultural life. This is a part of our guide to Sweden, presented by skateboarder Fernando Bramsmark.