CHPO x Bryggeriets Gymnasium

CHPO x Bryggeriets Gymnasium

May 13, 2022

Did you know that winter nights in Malmö, Sweden could last up to 17 hours? Want to know how the students at Bryggeriets gymnasium cope with that? Denial.

At Bryggeriets gymnasium everybody is in denial during winter. In their minds, they’re out skating and swimming in Fažana, Croatia. In their dreams they’re at the Vladimir Film Festival. In reality they’re sitting in math class, staring out the window at the sun that will most likely be set by the time they finish learning how to incorporate letters and random symbols into our quadratic function. But the denial keeps them going. It keeps them motivated.

They wear sunglasses during winter to give the illusion that the sun hasn’t set, it’s just dark because they’re wearing their sunglasses. Hopefully someday they’ll be wearing these same sunglasses in Croatia while doing frontside airs and sipping on an ice cool lemonade. But until then they’re here to share our denial-dreams with the rest of the world. So wherever you are in the world, whether it be sunny Croatia or not so sunny Malmö, buy these sunglasses and you will see the class of 2022 attend the Vladimir Film Festival.

These sunglasses are designed by the class of 2022 at Bryggerites gymnasium and all profits will go towards their class trip to the Vladimir Film Festival. Thanks for the support!

Words by Hannah Bertram. Student at Bryggeriets gymnasium.

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