Lucy Adams in SKATEISM #2

Lucy Adams is one of the UK’s most recognisable skateboarders. As a key player, not just in female-skateboarding circles, but as part of Skateboard England – who stepped in to organise 2020’s Team GB – she’s seen the development of British skateboarding first-hand. With twenty-one years on a board, no discussion on the UK scene would be complete without Lucy’s perspective. SKATEISM tracked her down to see what went in to her two-decade-long career in skateboarding and where she sees herself going next.”

Read the full SKATEISM interview with Lucy here!

Frozen wastelands, cottages, deep green forests, rocky islands, reindeer herders and Viking lore – Sweden has all that plus impeccable style! Our new collection has been inspired by our Scandinavian heritage and the seasons in the north. It features the new watch model Johanna, a stainless steel masterpiece. 38mm matte gun metal dial with engraved and golden details. Characterizing colors of the collection are olive green (Khorshid Olive Metal), gun metal (Johanna Thunder and Nuno Thunder) and rose gold (Nando Mini Rose and Rawiya Rose Navy). The bestselling Khorshid Black Gold is now available in 32mm, the Khorshid Mini Black Gold.

Caroline Degardh in Stockholm

Sausages, hot dogs, or plain and simple korv in Swedish, has no religion. It has no gender, it has no social status and it has no rules. It can take different shapes and colors and can be made out of everything from meat to vegetables, or even fruit. A win-win for all of us!

Or nearly all. Every year 10 000 men in Sweden gets diagnosed with prostate cancer. It’s the most common form of cancer in our country and currently, there’s nearly 100 000 people living with the diagnose. With the #korvlover watch, Post Details and CHPO Brand would like to spread awareness on the disease and the research surrounding it. With every sale, a donation towards The Swedish Prostate Cancer Federation is made.

Korvlovers, it’s time to save a wiener! Buy the watch here!

Inside Light is a photo project for children and young people living in refugee camps, founded by Dutch photographer Sevilay Maria. The children were taught how to use a camera and got to photograph for themselves inside the camps. They were given the task of photographing things that made them happy, this was to help them find hope in the difficult environment they live in.

To raise awareness about the initiative, we hosted a photo exhibition at Skatecafe in Amsterdam, May 30th. The exhibition consisted of photos from the refugee camps in Lesvos taken by both Sevilay Maria and the children who live in the camps.

Thank you to everyone who came out! See all photos from the event below, captured by Mitch Nieuwenhuizen.