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Personal information

Nobody wants a big brother state, and at CHPO we are dedicated to create a safe and awesome shopping experience for you. In this text we want to inform you about our website procedures; what we do, how we do it and how it affects you. When shopping at we may collect personal information you provide us when making a purchase as well as data collected by cookies. You can read more about how to delete and control the cookies that are stored on your computer at

What are Cookies?

Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your device’s hard drive when you visit websites. We use first-party cookies and third-party cookies for the main purposes of; web functionality, web statistics and advertising. You can read more about how to delete and control the cookies that are stored on your computer at

Why do we use cookies?

Some cookies are vital in order for the website to function properly. The cookies keep track of your settings and make your shopping experience more convenient by e.g. remembering what products you put in your shopping cart, recognizing your device and remembering your preferences and settings.

Cookies are also used to collect usage data such as duration of session, pages viewed, if a transaction was made or demographic data. This information is used for analytical purposes and enables us to create the best shopping experience for you. The cookies we use do not collect any information that can be used to track or identify individuals.

What information do we collect?

We collect the information you provide when signing up for our newsletter or when making a purchase. This information could be your name, address, contact information etc. The cookies may collect session information such as pages viewed, session duration, transactions made and demographics. We use the following services/companies in our business and will therefore share some information with these companies.

CompanyPurposeInformation shared
Logit Europe ABWarehouse orders Name, address, email address, phone number
UPS, PostNordShippingName, address, email address, phone number
GoogleAnalytical, MarketingEmail address, cookies
FacebookAnalytical, MarketingEmail address, cookies
MailchimpNewsletterName, Email address

Third party

The information we collect may be shared with our partners for analytics and marketing purposes. No personal information will be forwarded outside of our organization or trusted partners.


Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. All updates will be published on this page. If you have any questions about the data we collect, please contact

This text was last updated 2021-09-30

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