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Inside Light is a photo project for children and young people living in refugee camps, founded by Dutch photographer Sevilay Maria. The children were taught how to use a camera and got to photograph for themselves inside the camps. They were given the task of photographing things that made them happy, this was to help them find hope in the difficult environment they live in. To raise awareness about Inside Light and their work, we have designed this watch.

The matte silver case and strap symbolises the camp and the fence where the Inside Light project started.

The dial has two meanings. The camera and it’s shutter has inspired the pattern. White because the children are the inside light.

The small black dial helps you track the time when working with analogue cameras.

Purpose: Time will tell
Dial Colour: White dial
Case: 316L Brushed Stainless Steel
Strap: Metal mesh wristband
Movement Type: Quartz Analogue
Dial Width: 40mm
Clasp Type: Click on
Model: 14235FF
Supplied with Branded Packaging
2 Years Manufacturing Guarantee Included

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