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Quarantine Questions with David Jakinda

Quarantine Questions with David Jakinda

Strange times. In every second email we receive these two words are included next to each other. And for a good reason. We are living in strange and scary times! We reached out to our team members with three simple questions concerning the times we live in. Next up, Stockholms greatest, David Jakinda.

What were you doing before the corona crisis?

Before the crisis I was in LA skating with my homies. I think we all caught the Corona virus so we had to chill for like 2 weeks but we all good life is good, haha. Went to Portugal for a Nike trip after and made it home the day Before lockdown. OBRIGADO!!!

What are you doing during the corona crisis?

Since Sweden is not on lockdown, life here has been pretty much the same. Just need to watch how I move because of my grandma! Skating is super nice though because it’s less people out. Good for filming.

What will you do when the corona crisis is over?

I’m going to travel to all the places I had planned before the crisis and live my life to the fullest with my loved ones! Stay safe everybody. Bless.

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