Quarantine Questions with Dewi Natalia

Photographer Dewi Natalia wearing CHPO Brand 16132LA Långholmen sunglasses

Strange times. In every second email we receive these two words are included next to each other. And for a good reason. We are living in strange and scary times! We reached out to our team members and friends with three simple questions concerning the times we live in. Next up, Bali local and talented photographer, Dewi Natalia.

What were you doing before the corona crisis?

I was traveling South East Asia for 6 months and went for motorcycle trip to Vietnam and shooting for Chpo Brand in Thailand.

What are you doing during the corona crisis?

I decide to move to Myanmar to help out at my friends adventure company and enjoy life in the jungle. It’s a simple life, riding dirt bikes, going for hikes and street photography.

Now I’m back in Bali for a visa run and been shooting for a few different brand for my friends. So keeping busy!

What will you do when the corona crisis is over?

I’m going to Vietnam for another motorcycle trip. And also try to build up my new career as a photographer NGO’s. I recently went to conflict area in Myanmar, it was an overwhelming experience.

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