Quarantine Questions with Liisa Chisholm

CHPO friend illustrator and artist Liisa Chisholm

Strange times. In every second email we receive these two words are included next to each other. And for a good reason. We are living in strange and scary times! We reached out to our team members and friends with three simple questions concerning the times we live in. Next up, one of our favourite artists, Liisa Chisholm.

What were you doing before the corona crisis?

Drawing a lot, playing outside and skating. Hugging my friends every day and getting excited for my upcoming trip to America (maybe it’ll happen in April 2021 instead!?)

What are you doing during the corona crisis?

RESTING. Doing rehab for a long-term shoulder injury, stretching, and relearning how to listen to my body. Allowing myself to be slow – I’m not very good at spending so much time indoors and it’s been a very turbulent period for my emotions, haha. So I’ve been feeling a bit soft and have been focusing on being kind to myself, even though a lot of the time it has meant not being very prolific at all.

A dear friend called this time the Great Pause, which really resonated with me. I’ve been using it to fill myself up with colours and fresh cinnamon buns and to wave at my friends through windows – hopefully before too long we’ll all be allowed to be together again.

What will you do when the corona crisis is over?

I’m excited to float back to my old routines but as a more balanced human. Wandering my neighbourhood, making work, and loving those around me. And to be able to skate with all of my friends! I can’t wait to barbecue with my friends at Stockwell, even if we aren’t allowed to properly gather until the middle of winter. And a trip back to Canada to see loved ones and my favourite dog Loki is definitely on the books soon.

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