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Reaching out @ Stockholm Skatepark

March 17, 2016

A couple of weeks ago we received a call from Sonia, a volunteer from the Swedish Red Cross Youth. Sonia works with unaccompanied refugee children at asylum housings in Stockholm. She had heard about the Skateistan documentary we screened last year in Stockholm as part of a fundraiser for the organization. Her idea was to show it to the children at the housing of who many were from Afghanistan. This was a no brainer for us, and Bio Rio was more than happy to give 80 kids a free screening of the movie. Inspired by the work of Skateistan, we wanted to do something more. We wanted them to not just see the power of good skateboarding can be, but experience it themselves. Together with Stockholm Skatepark we offered the kids who saw the movie the chance to try skateboard firsthand.

We had hoped for a couple to come. Over 30 stoked kids came.

On site local skaters volunteered as coaches including our very own good person and pro skater Jesper Lind. None of the kids had ever stood on a skateboard, but they absolutely went for it. They cheered each other on and had a blast, racing each other on the flat in the vert ramp and even trying their luck in the bowls. Sweaty, exhausted and a little bruised they left with smiles on their faces and with something even better, a new found passion for a board and four wheels.

A huge thanks to Sonia and the volunteers at the Swedish Red Cross Youth, Bio Rio, Stockholm Skatepark and all the coaches who made these kids’ day.

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